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Un Verano Sin Ti

Bad Bunny


A groundbreaking superstar drops his most expansive and evocative musical vision.

After a couple years spent collaborating with and co-signing new talent—and then watching the effects of his influence—the sudden arrival of Un Verano Sin Ti in May 2022 put the focus back on Bad Bunny himself. Described by the artist as a summer playlist of sorts, it’s his most expansive and evocative musical vision to date: Gone was the streetwise trap of his past, supplanted by potent and uniquely genre-bent takes on reggaetón, pop, indie, and tropical forms. Its release signaled a clear and kaleidoscopic shift in global pop, emphatically sweeping away any misconception that Latin American music (and its many fans) was just a regional phenomenon.

Recorded in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, the album features several cuts in the same elevated reggaetón mode that largely defined previous album YHLQMDLG. But true to its sunny origins, Un Verano Sin Ti also departs from this style for unexpected diversions into other Latin sounds, including the bossa nova blend “Yo No Soy Celoso” and the dembow hybrid “Tití Me Preguntó.” With further collaborations from familiars Chencho Corleone and Jhayco, as well as unanticipated picks Bomba Estéreo and The Marías, Un Verano Sin Ti embodies a wide range of Latin American talent, with Bad Bunny—Apple Music’s Artist of the Year in 2022—as its charismatic center.