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Travis Scott


Buy a ticket and take the ride.

Named for a now-closed Six Flags in Travis Scott’s native Houston, ASTROWORLD delivers on any good amusement park’s promise and premise, offering breathtaking peaks and drops and daring thrills. Perhaps the biggest hairpin turn: By stacking and expertly curating his third solo album with a sprawling and adventurous collection of both A-list and emerging musical, vocal, and production talent, the rapper/superproducer emerges as the most exciting attraction in the park.

Scott says, “Psychedelics got me going crazy,” on opening track “STARGAZING,” and the rest of the album proves it; “SICKO MODE” features multiple beat changes and Drake halting mid-verse, playing like some kind of funhouse trip. Other must-see sideshows include Stevie Wonder playing harmonica, James Blake crooning, The Weeknd emoting, and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker shredding. But the main draw is still Scott’s life and unique vision.